Games Ive Read and Want to Play Episode 1

Adam Bell
Adam Bell

AB: I'm here to tell you about games! It's happening! It's very exciting to be able to start on the reason we started this website instead of only making the website itself, and I hope you enjoy it!

Here are the links to the games mentioned:

No Love's Land by Adira Slattery

Stealing the Throne by Nick Bate

Space Goblins! by Viditya Voleti

vis-a-visage by Maxwell Lander

Star Crossed by Alex Roberts

Thursday by Eli Seitz

Habits of the Common House Ghost by Weston Leigh Marigold Crow-Humphries

Lichcraft by Laurie O'Connel

Where Mystery Dwells by Tam H

Something is Wrong Here by Kira Magrann

An Altogether Different River by Aaron Lim

Our Mundane Supernatural Life by Vee Hendro and Hayley Gordon

Dethroners by Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine

Campfire by Adam Vass & Will Jobst