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The Have You Played This? Podcast
We record live every Monday at 11AM EST on twitch. Formerly known as the Tabletop Call In Show Talk Show
Entering the Zone and Defending a City

We talk about the zone, samurai spirit, and more.

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The Launch Of

Jeremy and Adam bring you a rare in-person show to reveal this very website to the world!

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One Designer, One Host, One Game Demo, Ten Minutes Flat

Jeremy and Adam run each other through the gauntlet with two episodes of a pilot. If this new show is picked up, it will be called the HOT SEAT

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Adam and Jeremy talk about the current state of their game designs.

We are live reporting to you from the new year and on Grasping Nettles release day. Head to to grab your copy!

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How do Adam and Jeremy GM games?

Jeremy and Adam are here to continue last weeks topic about character moments by discussing how they like to GM games. Were more than just game designers! Were also game enjoyers, you see!

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